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Best Shopping Cart for eCommerce that is compatible with amember and upsells

A lot of folks ask me what’s the best shopping cart to use for eCommerce.

I’ve tried a few of them and  needed to find one that was compatible with amember and upsells.

Here’s the one we use.


New video player

We were using flow player, then Wisita.

Now we’re using this new video player.

Video Player


Email Opt-In split tests and lightbox pop ups

I’m checking out this app for email opt in split tests.

I’m checking out this app for pop ups.

Some folks say this is an even better app for pop ups. 


Wordpress Shortcodes Graphics pack

This one looks pretty good. I’m checking it out now.

Has 3 column price tables.


Ad channel Test

Just testing some stuff here

Next is the iframe tag


Listbuilding Wordpress Plugin

Wow this is a very handy plugin! <== Click Here

Grow Your Audience Faster Than Ever Before By Split-testing The Opt-in Forms On Your Website. Get More Subscribers With The Same Traffic, Only With Optinskin. A Unique Product With Huge Conversions - Perfect For Any Blogger who uses Wordpress.


ClickBank Customer Support Solution

It’s really difficult to track customer ticket with ClickBank.

This thing is the perfect solution.

Customer Support Solved


Best Practices For Google Adwords Quality Score

Quality score has been confusing and confounding paid search managers for years. The basic facts are simple, but the details have been elusive. Quality Score in High Resolution is the advanced guide to AdWords quality score. Written by respected paid search expert Craig Danuloff, and supported by technical interviews with Google’s Ads Quality Team, this is the first and only resource that demystifies quality score and empowers you to deliver more impressions, higher click-through rates, and larger profits.

This book dives deep, delivering details, explanations, and insights into the calculation, application, and management of quality score. You’ll learn:

  • All the forms of click-through rate Google tracks to calculate quality score.
  • The secret of relevance.
  • Why you can’t trust the “quality score” number reported in AdWords.
  • How landing pages really impact quality score.
  • The goals you should set for quality score in your account
  • A simple path to good or great quality scores

The success of every keyword in your account is all decided by this powerful little metric. This book is your key to deeply understanding quality score and truly optimizing your paid search results.

Advanced Reviews

“AdWords can be difficult at times; and no part of AdWords is more frustrating than Quality Score. For advertisers to optimize for quality score - they need to understand Google’s motivations and calculations. Then, you need to learn from the advertiser’s viewpoint how to increase your quality scores while still maintaining profitability. Craig has put together the definitive book that combines these two areas and will help you to understand and improve your quality scores. This is a must read book for anyone concerned about their AdWords performance.”


Testing links


Mobile Traffic

Here’s another system I’m looking at to get more mobile traffic.


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